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          Minnette Marr

          Minnette Marr

          Conservation Botanist & Research Associate

          Minnette Marr is a plant conservationist and curates the herbarium and the seed bank at the Wildflower Center. She provides workshops and leads field trips for conservation groups interested in contributing ecotypes of native plant species to the seed bank.

          Past experiences include maintaining the wetlands restoration nursery near the headwaters of the San Marcos River, inventorying plants for private landowners, surveying vegetation for the Texas A&M Forest Service, collecting and processing hundreds of seed collections for the Millennium Seed Bank, designing a milkweed ecotype collecting strategy for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and assessing vegetation keys for the National Park Service.

          For her master’s?in science education, she designed a project-based?curriculum for a high school environmental science course. For her master’s in biology, she inventoried the plants and mapped the vegetation at McKinney Roughs Nature Park in Bastrop County, Texas.


          Her family’s farm in the?Piney Woods, iNaturalist


          Maclura pomifera,?Ipomoea lindheimeri,?Mahonia swaseyi,?Galphimia angustifolia,?Oenothera sinuosa,?Verbesina encelioides,?Tridens flavus


          [email protected]

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