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          Drew Glass

          Drew Glass

          Accounting Assistant

          Drew accepted a position at the Wildflower Center in September of 2016. She provides accounts receivable and payable duties (and other duties as needed) for the accounting department.

          Prior to joining the Center, she was an administrative associate for the accounting department at The University of Texas at Austin’s Office of Technology Commercialization, where for two years she provided accounts receivable services for legal patent expenses. She has also provided bookkeeping and office management duties for an Austin nonprofit whose mission is to provide technology training and access for communities to succeed in a digital age.

          Drew stays involved in her?community by attending monthly advisory committee meetings and seeking?additional outreach opportunities. She has?enjoyed the Wildflower Center’s role in expanding her?love of gardening and knowledge of the diverse plants and insects within our?ecosystem.

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          Running, gardening


          Yellow bells, oleander, lantana

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